Second Linden by Grainline Studio

Hey! I made a second Linden sweatshirt! It’s made out of a purple French terry and it’s SO comfortable. I’d wear it daily if I could but sadly I’ve been told that’s not hygienic.

I’ve also found my perfect sizing for the Linden. I made the sleeves and top half of the pattern in a size four, and then graded the sides down to a size 6 for the hem. I’ve kept the sleeves at their drafted length because I like rolling them down over my hands and feeling snuggly.

Now that I’ve made two Lindens, I’m curious about other sweatshirt patterns out there. Last night at Fabrications, I saw a Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven in person and it looked fantastic. I feel like the world of stylish casual wear is just opening up for me!