A “Blutterfly” Butterfly Cardigan

In addition to making my own clothes this year, I’d love to make more clothes for my daughter too! She is 3 years old, small, and adorable. Although I have made clothing for my daughter in the past, I’ve been hesitant to spend a lot of time making her everyday clothes because kids grow out of them so quickly and it just seemed like a waste of effort and material. Now I feel a bit differently: I am more inclined to make casual daily clothes because honestly, I’d rather spend time making clothes I’d love to wear everyday. I also tend to buy more material than I need for my own garments, which means I usually have some excess of knits lying around.

I used butterfly fabric by Lizzy House and this pattern is the aptly named Butterfly Cardigan by Patterns for Pirates. There is an adult version called the Cocoon Cardigan which I have already printed, taped, and cut out for myself.

Even though she is a small 3-year-old, I decided to make the size 4 in a tunic length with the long cuffs. I figured the long snug cuffs would help keep the sleeves from falling over her hands even if they are too long, and we can fold the cuffs back easily too. Then she can wear it for longer as she grows into it.

She loves it and I have to call it her “blutterfly” cardigan because that is how she pronounces “butterfly.” And I should note that the only way I could get her to cheerfully pose for these photos is if I let her hold some of her rock collection as well…