Traveling Quilt

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to participate in a modern traveling quilt bee around Canada with a few friends. Fifteen months later, and my starter block made it home, as part of a full quilt made by ten other quilters!

I started off with this unicorn foundation paper-pieced block, designed by Julia Eigenbrodt.

I asked the other quilters to contribute pieces that were inspired by myth or folk tales. My friend and fellow quilter, Julie of Longarm Workroom, was the last to work on the quilt so she quilted and bound it, then presented it to me at a meeting of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild. I love love love it.

The little details are delightful and my daughter already loves to pick out the little characters and designs. There are so many fabrics in here that I’m just in love with, but came to the quilting scene too late to collect them for myself before they sold out.

Although I saw a few sneak peeks over the past year, I had no idea what the final product would look like. I love the “Welcome to Sherwood Forest” text because I actually grew up Sherwood Forest. That is, all the street names in my neighbourhood were names and places from the tale of Robin Hood. The person who added that wouldn’t have known; it’s just a serendipitous addition!

This quilt is a treasure. I’m so happy it’s mine!