Gemsy Studio


A few things have happened since my last update from last year. I quit my full-time office job in order to pursue my own crafty, handmade business. I left work at the beginning of March and haven’t looked back. I made my decision after realizing that every weekday was becoming harder and harder. My commute was too long and it was about to get longer with a change in my transit options. I would leave for work in the mornings in a grumpy mood, and I would return in a grumpy mood without much energy left for making a healthy family dinner, hanging out with my daughter and husband, exercising, housecleaning, or doing anything creative. With the encouragement of my husband, I knew it was time to go.

I’m so lucky that I get to do this, as I know so many people would probably love to leave their office jobs but don’t have the financial stability to do so. I’m trying to think of this decision as “switching jobs” and that I’m “creatively employed.” I do actually want to grow my own little business, starting with opening a small Etsy shop and learning some new skills like pattern drafting by PDF and surface design. I’m giving this two years and then we’ll see what happens. So far I’m happy to be doing daycare drop-off and pick-up, giving my husband more flexibility with his hours too. Our dog is happy to have better exercise, and with the arrival of warm weather, I will start running again. I just started the Whole30 with my sister-in-law and it’s easy (so far) since I have time to cook and look for recipes. My friend Cara over at Carabara Designs and I have a weekly standing business date where we get together, eat good food, and work on our respective businesses.

So my website is open again, my shop is forthcoming, and my blog will be updated. Stay tuned! You can also follow me on Instagram @gemsystudio.