Fancy Fox Quilt

This Fancy Fox Quilt is the second quilt I’ve made. After finishing my first quilt, I was hooked and spent longer than you can imagine looking at quilt patterns and trying to decide what I wanted to make next. I thought the Fancy Fox pattern was a bit intimidating, but my friend Laura of Waffle Kisses Studio decided to teach an intermediate class using the Fancy Fox pattern and that was that. Elizabeth Hartman is the creator of the Fancy Fox pattern.

I don’t even remember anymore which came first: the pattern or the fabric. All I know is that Tula Pink True Colours + Fancy Foxes = a match made in quilting heaven. I picked up the Tula Pink rainbow bundle and it was just perfect for the little foxes with lots of playful prints and bright colours.

Laura showed us the construction of a block. The first quilt I made was basically just stacked rectangles, so this was my first time with triangles and piecing in a specific order. It was so mesmerizing to see it all come together.

I pieced about 12-16 foxes at a time, depending on how I was feeling. It felt like a lot! Eventually I just got tired of all the little seams and keeping track of some of the directional bits. I also didn’t like having to draw the lines for the diagonal seams. Although it was good to get them all out of the way in one go, it also felt like I was forcing myself to do it at times.

Then came the arrangement. I didn’t make enough for a full twin-size quilt, because it just became too much and I didn’t think I could get all of them finished in time for the final class. I ended up with 68 foxes: enough for an 8×8 arrangement on the front and four left over for the back of the quilt. I learned a bit about trying to make a rainbow gradient on a diagonal, because I had a lot of reds and pinks but not enough yellows and greens to really form a ‘bar’ from corner to corner. It worked out well enough, but I now realize for the future that I might need more of a certain colour when doing shifting colours on the diagonal.

This was my first time doing the binding by hand. It took a little while, but it was soothing and satisfying to see all the little tiny stitches hold the binding in place. I mostly sewed the binding while watching movies or TV and the quilt kept me warm while sewing.

And here’s the finished product. I love it. My daughter loves it too. She likes to point at the different fox faces. It’ll be so fun to see her pick out the different patterns and images on the quilt as she gets older.

 I think I’ll be making more Fancy Fox quilts to gift to friends, but next time I’ll be doing the version with larger blocks!