Branches and Buds Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve finished a handknit garment so I’m thrilled I finally have one to share!

I started the Branches and Buds pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge about four or five months ago, and I just finished it this week. About halfway through the sweater, I decided to switch up my knitting technique! I have always knit by “throwing” the yarn from my right hand, English-style. When I began to knit more fair-isle colourwork, I practised “picking” with my left hand, continental style, but could never get it fast enough to be effective. I thought, why don’t I just try knitting continental for with just one colour, get really really good at it, and then fair-isle will be really easy from now on?! (I will have to report back on that last part.)

I managed a very picturesque photo with chipped nail polish – got to find the balance, right? I had a hard time deciding on the colours of the buds. I tried to go random but I felt like the hot pinks and magentas stood out best, so I ended up adding more of those. Some of the colours I chose didn’t show up very well – see if you can find the bluish-green ones in the photo below. I guess I can always go back and redo the buds if I want to quite easily, but at this moment in time, I don’t feel like it!

The Branches and Buds pattern is published in Making no. 1: Flora. The yarn used in my version is the same as the one in the pattern: Quince & Co. Chickadee in Kittywake and Audouin.

Much of this pullover was knit while watching television, such as The Crown on Netflix.

Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet

I finally sewed a cardigan for myself! I get into such hangups about finding the perfect fabric to match a pattern that I tend to just put aside patterns or put aside fabric when I haven’t found its right match. I’m trying to get over that so I can just start sewing garments, and really, that’s part of the experimentation process too of seeing which types of fabric work with which styles of garments.

The pattern I chose for this beautiful dark turquoise French terry is the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet.


I have a variety of photos to show it off today – the one above with my hand on my hip, and the one below with both arms down, HA.

Clearly I need to work on pose variety. Will write that one down in my Passion Planner.

So you might notice one change I made for the pockets – I ended up cutting out pieces that I just laid on top of the front panels and the sides and bottom were sewn with the seams (after hemming the pocket top, of course). I tried just laying the original pocket piece on top but it was SO wobbly. I tried the tissue paper trick as listed in the pattern but it didn’t work for me. I did use a zig zag stitch and I also didn’t use a ballpoint needle (oops, I forgot) so I wonder if it was for those reasons. Maybe I’ll have to try it again one day and use a straight stitch with a ballpoint. After all, it’s not like those pockets need to be stretched to fit over arms or head or anything, so the stretchiness of the zig zag stitch isn’t really that necessary.

I do love this cardigan and I’ve been wearing it often!